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Experience Olive Tree Tarot by Hannah

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My Background

Welcome to my page. My name is Hannah.

Just a little bit about me, my journey started within this field at around the age of 8. My tarot journey started  following my spiritual awakening around two years ago.

Tarot readings continue to guide and help my clients around the world, the same as it did for me in my difficult time. Although you do not have to be going through a difficult time to have a tarot reading, maybe you need some guidance and/or predictions for the future?

Love and Light,

Hannah xx


Most meaningful reading I’ve ever had. I got a tarot card reading of Hannah, after finding her by chance on Instagram. A little bit shy I went for a typed message for 30mins. I wish I went for an hour. From the minute Hannah started talking to me she described me to a t! She spoke about my life and events that were ongoing and the future and what it holds. I was amazed and gobsmacked at the things she knew about me. So accurate ! It was fabulous! I was given information that helped me move on from a place I was at in my life.. I can’t wait for my next reading! I highly recommend to anyone thinking of doing it! You won’t be disappointed.