Himalayan Salt Lamp - Sphere

Himalayan Salt Lamp - Sphere

Price shown includes postage to the uk.


The block of salt in salt lamps comes from the foot of the Himalayas. A wooden base is screwed underneath and then the cable with the bulb in (included) is then inserted into the hole underneath. The cable and bulb (15 watts) are good quality with a on / off switch along the wire. The bulb is an oven bulb specifically for salt lamps.

Colouring and how they are cut will differ slightly. Quality is good.

Size: Approximately between 10.5 - 11cm in height, not including wooden base (again there will be slight differences between lamps as this is made from a natural product). Weight is around 2-3 kilos and diameter of the wooden base is fairly standard at 8.5cm.

These Sphere lamps all come packed in a white box; lead and bulb are included.